Toy Yacht II Travels

Blue Ridge BBQ Festival weekend June 10-12, 2005.
The cat and I headed out for this festival without much thought.  Never having been, it was a gamble where we would stay.  I planned on bluffing my way through security so that I might get through the backdoor of this event. I circumnavigate around the police roadblocks and wound up at the entertainer's parking entrance where I proceeded to set up camp.  I then purchased a Blue Ridge barbecue Festival T-shirt and played the part of volunteer/security/I know someone.  I put down my awning and remained unchallenged for the entire week.  Wacko and I had a blast.

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we arrived

we set up

where's the barbecue

these guys came in second place

channel 13 was live

two stages going all day long



Friday night

pyrotechnic display

ready for the show


BBQ winner, first place

Gigi Dover on stage

they were awesome

behind the scene

wore me out