Toy Yacht II Travels

My trip to Vermont July 2005.

Wacko and I headed up to Cherie's for a two-week vacation. This is the longest and furthest trip I've taken in the Toy Yacht 2 so far. We caravaned with my dad (and M) in his motor home and me (and Wacko) in mine keeping in contact with each other through CB radio's. It took us three days and two nights to get there, with hurricane Dennis on our butts all the way. We had a great time hope you enjoy the pictures.

Click on the pictures for enlargements and story.


Day one

Parking in Cherie's front yard

Burlington beer Festival

Revolutionary war gunboat

Boat Museum

Kayaking Lake Champlain

Headed for Dunder rock

Almost there

We made it.

Camping in the North East Kingdom

Time for mountain biking

Leaving the kingdom

Brewery tours

Cherie's workshop

Montréal first time

St. Lawrence seaway

Canadian brew

Kayaking to Juniper Island

Almost there

We made it

At Sharon's on Mooga Day

Shelburne Museum

Learning about flax

Almost the whole fam damily