Toy Yacht II Travels

French Broad River Festival weekend May 6-8, 2005.
We have been anticipating this weekend for some time now.  This has become a time for my neighbor and I to kickback and celebrate life.  It has also become a time of remembrance of our Mothers for Mother's Day. Wacko my cat celebrated her first birthday on April 14 this year, this was her first River Fest with us.

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we arrived

we set up

nest in the spare

Tara taking it all in

The Gigi Dover Band

Gigi and Eric Lovett



Gigi Dover

Dave Clark

Dave, Gigi and Eric

 me Wacko and Gigi

a.k.a. The Asheville Fire Troop

book on fire safety



and Smoke


Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Toyhouse mini reunion